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Inheritance Funding

Funding in 24 - 48 hrs.

Inheritance Funding Gives Your Family Peace of Mind

Inheritance Funding (sometimes referred to as estate loans or probate loans) helps you and other related heirs secure an inheritance advance during the probate process.

Get An Inheritance Advance in 24 - 48 Hours!

An Inheritance Advance is based on your portion of the estate and any foreseeable risks once we fund your inheritance. As you may know, it could take up to 6 months or even years to receive your inheritance. This does not help you or your family during this difficult time.

Why wait on a slow probate process when you need money now to pay funeral costs, attorney fees, and other outstanding debts belonging to your deceased loved ones.

Liberty Legal Funding understands the financial burden you and your family have to endure, and we’re here to help!

Inheritance Advances for Executors, Trustees & Beneficiaries

A letter of wishes, coupled with the decedent’s will if available, highlights how the estate is to be distributed which can take years. With an inheritance advance, you receive money within 1 to 2 days on average. Yes! We’ll buy a portion of your inheritance at absolutely no risk to you and no hidden fees!

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We offer a free consultation on the estate and answer any questions you have about the probate process

We Review Estate Documents

We receive and review your estate documents and details about your inheritance amount.

You Get Approved Funding

If you're an eligible heir, and your inheritance qualifies, we send you funding immediately.

The Estate Pays Us

We wait until the estate is settled, then collect our portion of the inheritance from the estate.

What Can Inheritance Funding Be Used For?

Inheritance Funding is not a loan, because you do not need to repay us. We buy an agreed upon portion of the inheritance, and Liberty Legal Funding is paid by the estate. Inheritance Advances can be used for:

How Does Inheritance Funding Work?

The courts in America are extremely backlogged. In some parts of the country it can take up to two years to get money from an inheritance and these court delays can create real financial hardships.

The delayed payouts on an inheritance can make it harder for heirs to make ends meet or sell a piece of real estate tied to the estate. Without the cash needed to maintain a property, the estate may be forced to sell the family home or another property for less than fair market value simply to get the estate closed to get the creditors paid.

A cash advance on an inheritance from Liberty Legal Funding can relieve some of the unforeseen financial pressure and also allow you to maintain or even enhance the value of the estate property that otherwise might have to be sold for less than what it is actually worth.

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